Initial Consultation الاستشارة المبدئي

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The next important step is to do the initial consultation with you to prepare the step by step process to draw strategy and figure out the best program available for your situation and prepare you to reach your immigration goal.


الخطوة الهامة التالية هي التقييم الأولي معكم لإعداد خطوة بخطوة عملية لرسم الاستراتيجية ومعرفة أفضل برنامج متاح لحالتك وإعدادك للوصول إلى هدف الهجرة الخاص بك.



The fee for the initial consultation is only $150 payable by credit card. This amount will be credited back towards the fee of your application should you decide to retain our services.

The key to success is to start the process without delay as immigration requirements are complex and changing. We will explore all possible ways for you to succeed in achieving your Canadian dream.


رسوم الاستشارة الأولية هي فقط 150 دولار تدفع بواسطة بطاقة الائتمان. سيتم رد هذا المبلغ مرة أخرى نحو رسوم طلبك إذا قررت المواصله معنا لاكمال اجرات المعاملة.

مفتاح النجاح هو بدء العملية دون إبطاء لأن متطلبات الهجرة معقدة ومتغيرة. وسوف نستكشف جميع الطرق الممكنة لك لتحقيق النجاح في تحقيق الحلم الكندي الخاص بك.

3 reviews for Initial Consultation الاستشارة المبدئي

  1. Ghays saloume

    مسا الخير
    لدي بعض من الاسئلة
    اريد مستشار قانوني او مستشار هجرة للردة عليها
    وضعي باختصار
    لقد ذهب الى كنظا منذ حوالي سنة ونصف وحصلت
    عل الاقامة لمدة ٥ سنوات من مقاطعة مونتريال
    ولكنني بعد ان حصلت على الاقامة اضطريت للرجوع الى بيروت ولكن في مطار بيروت تم ترحيلي الى سوريا ومنعت من الدخول الى لبنان لمدة سنة
    ولكنني الان حر في الدخول الى بيروت واريد العودة الى كندا
    السؤال:هل استطيع العودة الى كندا ومتابعة حياتي فياها؟
    هل يؤثر ذلك على اجراءات الجنسية؟

    شكرا جزيلا

  2. aseeltaherali (verified owner)

    +254 707272907
    Nairobi, Kenya
    B.S. degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences – University
    of Aden, Yemen 4.25 – 85%
    Oct 25 th 2009 course of CPR and BCLS from Saudi heart association affiliation with the American
    Heart Association
    Oct 3 rd – Dec 21 st 2009 training in internal medicine department of Al-Gomhouria Modern General
    Hospital –Aden, Yemen
    Dec 26 th 2009 – Mar 1 st 2010 training in gynaecology obstetrics department of Al-Wahda Teaching
    General Hospital – Aden, Yemen
    Mar 6 th – May 17 th 2010 training in paediatrics department of Al-Wahda Teaching General Hospital –
    Aden, Yemen
    May 22 nd – Aug 5 th 2010 training in Surgery department of Al-Gomhouria Modern General Hospital
    –Aden, Yemen
    Oct 9 th 2010 – Nov 30 th 2011 worked at the emergency department and orthopedic Department of
    Dhamar General Hospital – Dhamar, Yemen.
    Nov 2011 – Sep 2012 worked at a post of Doctor in the Need AL-Bareq Health center at Munabeh
    district with support of the UNICEF – Sa’ada, Yemen.
    Oct 6 th 2012 – Jan 31 st 2015 worked as MD-General Practitioner at OPD clinic and Emergency room of
    Saudi Medical Services Limited, Al-Salam Saudi Hospital Project Sa’ada,Yemen.
    Apr 19 th 2015 – Dec 31 st 2015 worked as resident Physician of internal medicine section of Three Martyr
    Hospital, Al-Shaib district, Al-Dhalea, Yemen.
    Page 1 / 2
    +254 707272907
    Nairobi, Kenya
    ● Ability to work under stress and pressure.
    ● Ability to manage and work with teams.
    Mother tongue(s)
    Arabic .
    Other language
    English ( band score 5.5 of IELTS)
    Dr. Bassam Yahya
    Specialist in internal medicine
    Aden – Yemen
    Cell No. +967 777989453
    Dr. Waleed Mohammed
    Specialist in General Surgery
    Aden- Yemen.
    Cell No. : +967 733684114
    Mr. Ghanem Alkumaim
    Paralegal trainee
    Nairobi – Kenya
    Cell No. +254 791573223
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    My story September 2017
    Dear Sir/ Madam
    My name is Aseel Taher Ali Hussein. I am 35 years old. I am married, and I have three children. I am from Yemen, but I live in Kenya since 2016 and my family lives in Yemen. I have come to Kenya because the war in Yemen, so I am here an asylum seeker, I also have registered at UNHCR office in Nairobi as an asylum seeker too, so my case is still processing.
    I am a medical doctor, I have a bachelor degree in in Medicine and Surgery from the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences – University of Aden, Yemen,(2005-2010) with work experiences for more than five years in many different hospital in Yemen between( 2010-2016).
    Recently, I have accepted in Nairobi University for Master in internal medicine for September intake, 2018 for three years course sponsored myself. I have a student visa, too.

    I have band score 5.5 of IELTS.

    I would like to immigrate to Canada for permanent residence by any legal immigrant way or under any Canadian immigration program, anywhere in. I can sponsor myself for living for one year, and I am able to pay fees to whom will representative me in Canada.
    Please e-mail or call me at +254707272907.
    Nairobi, Kenya.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Have a nice day.

    Aseel Hussein

  3. ابو محمد

    السلام عليكم

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