Marketing & Branding

To Keep Your Business at The Top, Put Digital Marketing on The Top of Your Developing Strategies and Let us Handle It .

Marketing & Branding

LinkYou offer investors and businesses who would like to invest in the market by either expanding their business to the Canadian market or launch a brand-new business. An easy way to introduce their services to the world market by sending a brief introduction announcement about their business or product to our social network members on LinkedIn, Facebook and WhatsApp.

In 2010 we have partnered with Ivy Exec that now has over 600 thousand members that offer access to job and consulting opportunities, career and mentor advisors, online classes, MBA programs, and different other career resources.

We also collaborated with Recruiter since September 2016. Recruiter helps to bring top talent to companies that are looking to hire. They distribute open jobs to large recruiters’ networks. 

We also offer short text ad services. Our goal is to help small business owners and professionals reach their target audience within a reasonable price. So, we will allow text ads, not more than two lines with one URL, to be sent in an announcement to our LinkedIn members with another sponsor’s text ads for a very reasonable price, not only that but we now are able to send text and image announcements.

Quality Service

We do offers quality content marketing services in all type of platforms including social media.

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We offers our special quality branding services in all type of social media platforms in our 1M+ members group.

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